Stark Lane named one of the Largest Healthcare Executive Search Firms by Modern Healthcare

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Stark Lane, Inc. is proud to announce that it has been named one of the Largest Healthcare Executive Firms by Modern Healthcare’s 2016 annual report. The top 29 recruitment firms were ranked by number of senior-level healthcare executive placements in 2015. Since 2008, Stark Lane has been providing organizations with the leaders who make quality healthcare possible. “Our success is … Read More

A Good Resume is the Foundation of Your Job Search

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  Whether you are a seasoned veteran in your industry or a rookie trying to break into today’s competitive marketplace, your initial need in a job search is a good resume. A well put together resume is the cornerstone of everyone’s job search in today’s marketplace. Your resume serves many purposes; it highlights your history, your attributes, your track record, … Read More

Avoid The Social Media Blind Spot

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  In the last couple of years, recruitment, from the company perspective, and job searching, from the individual’s perspective, have changed drastically. With technology as the primary driver for this change, social media has become both a wonderful tool and an unforeseen burden. There are many books, videos, and training seminars dedicated to leveraging social media from both sides of … Read More

8 Tips for a Successful Telephone Interview

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Technology within the human resources and recruitment function is advancing at break neck speeds. New tools are introduced, seemingly daily, for attracting talent, souring candidates, screening, tracking the interview process, interviewing, and management of the onboarding process. In spite of these technological advancements, the entire process still begins with a telephone call, in many cases. This first call, your telephone … Read More

Letter To The Job Applicant

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  Dear Applicant, We are rooting for you! We are hoping you are what we’ve been looking for. In spite of what you may be thinking, we do not want you to fail. We sometimes ask tough questions to make sure our relationship has the potential to last. To be completely honest, there may be times I am even nervous. … Read More

Don’t Be The Barrier To Your Own Success!

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Many leaders are born with an overwhelming need for control, including myself. This attribute helps a leader accept responsibility for their success and culpability for failure, and it is very helpful in developing teams and driving results in the face of adversity. However, there is a flipside. When this need for control is unchecked, it can be a huge barrier … Read More