8 Tips for a Successful Telephone Interview

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Technology within the human resources and recruitment function is advancing at break neck speeds. New tools are introduced, seemingly daily, for attracting talent, souring candidates, screening, tracking the interview process, interviewing, and management of the onboarding process. In spite of these technological advancements, the entire process still begins with a telephone call, in many cases. This first call, your telephone … Read More

Letter To The Job Applicant

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  Dear Applicant, We are rooting for you! We are hoping you are what we’ve been looking for. In spite of what you may be thinking, we do not want you to fail. We sometimes ask tough questions to make sure our relationship has the potential to last. To be completely honest, there may be times I am even nervous. … Read More

Don’t Be The Barrier To Your Own Success!

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Many leaders are born with an overwhelming need for control, including myself. This attribute helps a leader accept responsibility for their success and culpability for failure, and it is very helpful in developing teams and driving results in the face of adversity. However, there is a flipside. When this need for control is unchecked, it can be a huge barrier … Read More

Supercharge Your Team and Enhance Outcomes in 3 Simple Steps

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1. Policy Empowers People It is a common misconception that policy dis-empowers people and squanders entrepreneurial spirit. The opposite is true. Operational parameters and guidelines for conducting business are very useful; they empower your team with the knowledge of what they can and can’t do. Give your people reasonable boundaries and let them fly! 2. Let your People Try and … Read More