1. Policy Empowers People

It is a common misconception that policy dis-empowers people and squanders entrepreneurial spirit. The opposite is true. Operational parameters and guidelines for conducting business are very useful; they empower your team with the knowledge of what they can and can’t do. Give your people reasonable boundaries and let them fly!

2. Let your People Try and Fail

Failure is nothing more than a learning opportunity. An environment rich in personal and professional development opportunities and an environment where people are free to try new things and claim the success or failure that follow is an environment where courage and success are ubiquitous.

3. Culture is Critical

Your culture is merely the aggregate sum of your core values. Recruiting people who emulate your values should be a key strategy of your recruitment effort. For example, if hard work is one of your values and you have successfully filled your office with a diverse workforce whose members all value hard work, and you then hire a lazy bum, this disrupts the performance rhythm of the entire team and you will lose credibility with your staff. It is much easier to hire people who live by your core values than to try and “integrate” people into your culture.

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