Stark Lane, Inc. is one of the most influential Executive Search Firms within the American Healthcare market. With a search focus spanning from Private Equity to the top US News and World Report Health Systems, and a reach that touches all 50 states and American joint ventures abroad, Stark Lane is uniquely qualified to provide your company with the leaders who make quality healthcare possible.

Founded in 2008 as Signature Healthcare Search, Stark Lane is an Executive Search Firm focused within the American Healthcare Market. From 2008 to 2014, Signature Healthcare Search climbed Modern Healthcare Magazine’s list of largest Executive Search Firms in Healthcare from number 46 to number 24.

The company rebranded as Stark Lane in April 2015 to reflect increased capabilities, expansion of services, and to position for long-term growth.

Provide socially responsible companies with the human capital necessary to fulfill their mission.

Reinvention of the recruitment industry through continuous advancements in quality and innovation while positively impacting the lives and careers of those we encounter along the way.


Our success is merely a byproduct of yours.


We recommend a Retained Executive Search when a large or rapidly-growing company encounters a critical vacancy or discreet recruitment project at a high level, generally a salary level of $250K+, or if they have continuous recruitment projects requiring the full engagement of a team. This arrangement is a true partnership, yielding our highest rate of success and client satisfaction. Retained searches are led by senior personnel and command primary attention of a team, including, at minimum, an Account Manager, a Primary Recruiter, and a Support Specialist.

Contingency indicates a service charge is earned solely and wholly upon successful completion of a recruitment project. Contingent models are effective for the rapid engagement of our team and for the procurement of mid-level leaders in market segments where our firm is most active.

Delimited Search is often represented as Retained Executive Search. While it is not technically a Retained engagement, it is a highly effective model offering Retainer-level service and effectiveness at Contingency speed. We recommend a Delimited Search for organizations with periodic recruitment projects requiring specific deliverables and flawless quality.

In today’s business environment, every minute counts. When an organization is faced with the transition of a senior leader, the vacancy can place undue stress on the remaining team and may threaten the stability and economic viability of the organization as a whole. An interim leader provides immediate stability and can prove significant value to the organization by laying the groundwork and helping the organization set short and long-term objectives for the permanent leader.

Whether your organization experiences seasonal demand for an increased workforce, you do not have the resources to recruit, train, and provide employees of a particular function with costly full-time benefits, or you do not wish to expose your organization to the risk of consultants and contractors who could, potentially, take business away from you, temporary employees may be the solution.

When using Temporary Employees through Stark Lane, you manage the team and control the work; we do the rest.

Meet The Team

When an organization engages Stark Lane, they do not engage a “Recruiter.” They engage a team with decades of experience, the best technology available, and the organization who sets the pace for 21st Century capabilities of the recruitment industry.




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A World-Class Experience

Organizations today face a unique set of challenges as they embark on a journey of growth and expansion. An increasingly competitive market, regulatory scrutiny, and ongoing advancements in technology contribute a growing demand for people with highly specialized skills. Our team understands the complexity of contemporary business landscapes and possesses the training, skills, and tools to provide optimal human capital solutions to meet these demands.





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