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Retained Search

Culture + Competency = Fit

A retained search is necessary when candidate availability is limited and the recruitment project requires highly specific deliverables and flawless quality within the boundaries of time constraints.

When considering overall fluency in contemporary talent acquisition and candidate procurement vehicles, and knowledge of active and passive candidate landscapes across the industries we serve, Stark Lane is in a category of one. Our firm has developed a sophisticated process to provide client contacts within client organizations a world-class experience, while branding each client organization as an employer and provider of choice in the markets they serve and within their existing and prospective talent pools.

Interim Leadership

Stability & Correction

In today’s business environment, every minute counts. When and organization is faced with the transition of a senior leader, the vacancy can place undue stress on the remaining team and may threaten the stability and economic viability of the organization as a whole.

An interim leader provides immediate stability and can prove significant value to the organization by laying the groundwork and helping the organization set short and long-term objectives for the new leader.

When engaging an interim leader through Stark Lane, you manage the team and control the work; we do the rest.


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